[I]t was no accident of circumstance that a man be born in a country and not some other and… the weathers and seasons that form a land form also the inner fortunes of men in their generations and are passed on to their children and are not so easily come by otherwise.

-Cormac McCarthy, All the Pretty Horses

I am an anthropological archaeologist and assistant professor at Wake Forest University. My research and teaching interests include settlement ecology (why people live where they do), Native American population dynamics before contact with Europeans and during the first century of colonization, landscape archaeology, GIS-based spatial analyses, conflict and warfare, and the prehistory of eastern North America.

Much of my work is concerned with people’s relationship to their landscape and people’s conceptions of space in the context of human ecology.

For more on my research and a one-stop location for my publications click here: Eric Jones CV or here to see my academia.edu page.