Lesson 6: Resistance and Removal

Today, we’ll be discussing American Indian resistance during the 17th-19th centuries and the U.S. policy of removal and it’s impact on American Indian societies and people. The basis for our discussion is chapters 6-9 in Peter Nabokov’s Native American Testimonies. This book addresses U.S.-Indian relations from first contact to the 20th century from the Indian perspective. It is a compilation of American Indian accounts and writings with historical context added. Most of us learned about these policies in high school from the American perspective. Nabokov’s book allows us to see the other side. We will discuss the historical developments and explore the cultural implications of treaties, broken treaties, removal, and resistance to U.S. encroachment. Although we are reading individual accounts, several important themes dominate. I won’t list mine just yet because I want the students to think of these for class…


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