Lesson 15: Modern Issues

I use modern in the artistic sense here to describe the early 1900s to just after WWII. Today we discussed Society for American Indians and “Indian Elite” of the early 1900s. We discussed the larger results of boarding schools creating individuals who did not assimilate but learned the American system and how to work within it to promote Native American rights and expose injustices and atrocities. We also discussed John Collier and the Indian New Deal and the fact that while progressive for the time, it still failed because it was a policy that treated all Native Americans societies as one. The pushing of American-style democracy on Native American societies did not help either. We ended with a discussion of the post-WWII era and the Termination policy. Throughout these different movements and policies, we continue to see mistreatment and injustices. However, compared to the nineteenth century, there are stronger and more successful reactions to this structural violence.


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