Guest Speakers

On April 11th and 16th we had guest speakers in ANT 358. On the 11th, Dr. Lea McChesney talked to us about her work that is adding Hopi conceptions about pottery and pottery-making into the Native American art market. For over 150 years the market has been driven by etic evaluations of what is valuable and not valuable. This has changed the focus of Hopi pottery-making from the clay and the active role of the pot in the culture toward “dead” pots, in which the focus is on the painted decoration. This project gives Hopi potters a say in the market and is working to revitalize emic pottery-making.

On April 16th, Luis Garcia talked to us about the history of Pueblo weaving and the state of the art today. We discussed the major events in weaving history and how they have impacted historic and modern Pueblo weavers. It is traditionally a men’s role, and he is one of the few men still performing the art from growing the cotton to the finished product. He discussed with us revitalization efforts as well as the significance of weaving in Pueblo culture.


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